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Confirmed Cases Distribution by Country


Distribution of Confirimed Cases by Continent



The Coronavirus Dashboard

This is a supporting dashboard for the coronavirus R package. It provides an overview of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) epidemic. This dashboard is built with R using the Rmakrdown using flexdashboard framework and can easily reproduce by others. The code behind the dashboard is available on this repo.


The input data for this dashboard is the coronavirus R package (dev version). The data and dashboard is refreshed on a daily bases. The raw data pulled from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CCSE) Coronavirus repository



All the code under this dashboard is completely open-sourced under MIT license

Deployment and reproducibly

The dashboard was deployed to Github docs. If you wish to deploy and/or modify the dashboard on your Github account, you can apply the following steps:

  • Fork the dashboard repository, or
  • Clone it and push it to your Github package
  • Here some general guidance about deployment of flexdashboard on Github page - link

For any question or feedback, you can either open an issue or contact me on Twitter.