In the previous post, I demonstrated how to deploy a flexdashboard dashboard (or basically, any R Markdown format) in Github Pages. The focus of this post is on embedding flexdashboard oin pkgdown site. The pkgdown package is another great R Markdown format that enables us to quickly warp package information (documentation, vignettes, etc.) into a web format. Motivation Why would you like to embed a flexdashboard dashboard in a pkgdown site?

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One of Github’s coolest features is Github Pages, which enables you to create and deploy websites under domain for free. The most common usage of Github Pages is the deployment of project documentation. The R community is widely using it to deploy different R Markdown formats such as package documentation with pkgdown, blogs with blogdown, books with bookdown, etc. Recently, as I was looking for a way to share Covid19 data, I had this eureka moment realizing that it should be straightforward to deploy flexdashboard or any other format of R Markdown (none Shiny) on Github Pages.

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