The Covid19 pandemic had, and unfortunately still have, a significant impact on most of the major industries. While for some sectors, the impact was positive (such as online retails, internet and steaming providers, etc.), it was negative for others (such as transportation, tourism, entertainment, etc.). In both cases, we can leverage time series modeling to quantify the effect of the Covid19 on the sector.

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Happy to announce that the USgas package is now on CRAN. The package provides an overview of natural gas demand in the US in a time-series format (state and aggregate levels), with more than 100 series. This package is a mirror of the USgrid package that focuses on electricity demand (and supply) in the US. Additional information available: Source code - https://github.

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Happy to announce (in a one month delay) a new package - sfo, which provides monthly statistics of the air passenger traffic at San Francisco International (SFO) airport. The package is available on CRAN. Additional information available: Source code - Package site - Vignettes - Data source - San Francisco Open Data portal The package provides the following two datasets:

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