Heatmap plot for time series object by it periodicity (currently support only daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly frequencies)

ts_heatmap(ts.obj, last = NULL, wday = TRUE, color = "Blues",
  title = NULL, padding = TRUE)



A univariate time series object of a class "ts", "zoo", "xts", and the data frame family (data.frame, data.table, tbl, tibble, etc.) with a Date column and at least one numeric column. This function support time series objects with a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly frequencies


An integer (optional), set a subset using only the last observations in the series


An boolean, provides a weekday veiw for daily data (relevent only for objects with dates such as xts, zoo, data.frame, etc.)


A character, setting the color palette of the heatmap. Corresponding to any of the RColorBrewer palette or any other arguments of the col_numeric function. By default using the "Blues" palette


A character (optional), set the plot title


A boolean, if TRUE will add to the heatmap spaces between the observations


data(USgas) ts_heatmap(USgas) # Show only the last 4 years ts_heatmap(USgas, last = 4 *12)