The TSstudio package provides a set of tools descriptive and predictive analysis of time series data. That includes utility functions for preprocessing time series data, interactive visualization functions based on the plotly package engine, and set of tools for training and evaluating time series forecasting models from the forecast, forecastHybrid, and bsts packages.

More information available on the package vignettes.


Install the stable version from CRAN:


or install the development version from Github:


Seasonality analysis

# Seasonal plot
ts_seasonal(USgas, type = "all")

Correlation analysis

# ACF and PACF plots
ts_cor(USgas, lag.max = 60)

# Lags plot
ts_lags(USgas, lags = 1:12)

# Seasonal lags plot
ts_lags(USgas, lags = c(12, 24, 36, 48))

Training forecasting models